Westchester (Bronxville)

Data & Donor Services Specialist

As One Love grows and expands with regional offices across the country, so does the need for increased data and systems to track our progress.  One Love has a robust CRM database that tracks programmatic as well as fundraising information.  This database fits within an overall data ecosystem that enables our daily operations.  The organization’s ability to make data-driven decisions relies on consistent adoption of processes across the staff that ensure information in the data ecosystem is accurate and complete.

The Data & Donor Services Specialist will play a key role in communicating with staff across the organization about processes, procedures, and usage of data.  The ideal candidate will thrive on interacting with colleagues to ensure data is accurate and systems are well-understood and will have an analytical approach to solving problems.

The Specialist must also be comfortable and facile with data entry, having first-hand knowledge of how to quickly and accurately enter data while also seeking out new technological approaches to data entry. The Specialist must be detail-oriented in their work and able to check their own work and self-correct when needed. The position requires dedication to protecting the integrity, quality, and usability of our data and data platforms.

This position will report to: One Love’s Senior Manager, Data, Systems, & Donor Services.


Key Responsibilities and Outcomes

  • Secondary System Administrator for growing Salesforce environment with 30+ users across six regional offices; manage data access, profiles, and permissions
  • Manage Salesforce native dataset, as well as data from 3rd party integrations including Pardot, iDonate, BigMarker, and One Love’s website
  • Assist with all data-related administrative functions including user account maintenance, reports and dashboards, error troubleshooting, workflows and other routine tasks, including:
    • Monthly revenue reporting
    • Weekly data redundancies/backups
    • Weekly standardized data quality control checks
    • Daily data quality monitoring
    • Regular org-wide reporting and uploading of account, contact, donation, and event records
  • Serve as key member of donor services team, helping to enter gifts during busy periods and contributing positively to effective gift processing operations
  • Assist in training of new users and help strengthen the salesforce skill set across the organization
  • Manage de-duplication strategies for new and existing records (entered both manually and via API)
  • Assist in the management and maintenance of fundraising, outreach, and segmentation campaigns
  • Research, implement and manage 3rd party implementations that extend the value of the platform
  • Participate in data architecture/strategy discussions, regularly propose and discuss solutions to system changes
  • Contribute to a culture of organization-wide collaboration and data-driven decision making


Qualifications & Attributes 

Professional Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • 2-5 years of work experience, including at least 1 year of experience with Salesforce or a similar CRM
  • Comfortable and confident communication skills that enable them to wear a number of different hats (e.g. coordinating, educating, troubleshooting, etc.)
  • Exceptional project management skills for managing multiple projects thoroughly and efficiently

Personal Qualities and Attributes:

  • Deep passion for One Love’s mission and movement
  • Extremely self-motivated
  • Strong multi-tasking abilities
  • Energized by fluidity, and highly adaptable to rapidly evolving and changing environments
  • An effective communicator able to easily connect with others
  • High energy, enthusiasm, and a strong work ethic
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities at once and to galvanize others to do so as well
  • Collaborative, team-driven style
  • Superior organizational, time-management and follow-up skills
  • Goals and metrics oriented
  • Entrepreneurial mindset that embraces experimentation and can quickly pivot where required
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity; someone who views others with an assets-based lens, values all individuals and respects differences in regard to race, ethnicity, age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religion, ability and socio-economic circumstance



This position is based in Bronxville, NY and compensation and benefits package is competitive with comparable nonprofits in the region.

Apply to One Love: Data & Donor Services Specialist

Interested candidates should submit a resume highlighting their relevant experience and explaining their interest in the role.

About One Love

One Love was founded in honor of Yeardley Love, a 22-year-old college student who was killed by her ex-boyfriend. After her death, the family started the One Love Foundation to educate young people about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.